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Please note that this website ( is no longer maintained and is only available for looking up older information. You find up-to-date information about MATSim at


Mailing lists

We also provide different mailing lists according to the level of involvement (user, api-user, developer) to query and discuss different topics of using MATSim.

To the mailing lists

If you are new to MATSim, we suggest that you have a look at the tutorials, especially at the "in 8 lessons" tutorial. It will teach you the basics of MATSim and give you an introduction to the code. After that, there are the following options:

  • Use matsim as a "user". For this, you need to prepare scenario data, modify the config file, and interpret matsim output. Look under "user's guide".
  • Develop code using the matsim api. This means that you program, but your calls to matsim are restricted to "stable" calls to the matsim api. This is particularly interesting to people who want to use some matsim infrastructure for initial demand generation, but it may also be useful for people writing "modules" such as alternative mobility simulations or alternative behavioral modules.
  • Develop code as a matsim developer. Since we do frequent refactorings of matsim, for this you need to be made part of the matsim repository. Please talk to us.



We have prepared some tutorials which should help you getting started with MATSim.

Developer's Guide

The developer guide

  • provides specification of key-aspects of MATSim (e.g. file formats, simulation events, ...)
  • lists some guidelines for developers (e.g. coding conventions) to keep MATSim maintainable.
  • gives information about certain packages, how to (programmatically) use them and what features they offer.
  • offers additional pieces of information that may/should be of interest to developers (e.g. how to use Eclipse for development, or some Java-tips)

Choose a topic of interest to read more:

User's Guide

MATSim book

The "MATSim book" is now the authoritative reference. The first couple of chapters can be found here. It is planned that this book extract will be updated once a year to stay consistent with the code.


Old user's guide

There is a small amount of remaining material that did not make it into the book. We are not yet sure what to do with this; we may treat it as an appendix.


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Have a look at frequently asked questions, and their answers.


MATSim can be extended with additional functionality. Have a look at the available extensions and learn how to use them.