Archive Website

Please note that this website ( is no longer maintained and is only available for looking up older information. You find up-to-date information about MATSim at

Mailing Lists

In case you're planning to work with MATSim, make sure to subscribe to one of our mailing lists to stay informed about new features and changes in the code-base.

Latest Release

Get the latest release at GitHub. Older releases can be found at SourceForge.

You can then run MATSim with the provided jar-file (see here):

java -Xmx512m -cp MATSim.jar config.xml

Within that setup, the first way to make progress is to modify existing xml-config files. See here.

Code Repository Access

Our source code is hosted on GitHub. To check out the code:

git clone

If you plan to use Eclipse for your development efforts, see Using Eclipse for MATSim Development.


MATSim releases from version 0.6.1 are available via Maven, kindly provided by Bintray. The necessary maven snippet approximately looks like



For up-to-date versions see here. Look under "Files" --> <versionNumber> --> "jar" -->  (i) for a maven snippet.

We provide nightly Maven snapshots of the current code here. An example how to get started with your own project, including a complete pom.xml that uses matsim snapshots, is at .

Nightly Builds

We provide nightly snapshots of the current code for download. This is a simple possibility to use the latest MATSim code without accessing the code repository directly. Please note that code in these nightly releases must not be considered stable and may change anytime.

Get more information about using nightly builds.

MATSim Benchmark Tool

Planning to buy new computers to run MATSim on? Or figuring out in which configuration MATSim runs fastest on your current machine? Then look at the MATSim benchmark.