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Please note that this website (archive.matsim.org) is no longer maintained and is only available for looking up older information. You find up-to-date information about MATSim at www.matsim.org.

MATSim offers several extensions which enhance the functionality with additional features. The following list gives an overview of the currently available extensions.

To use an extension, you can either download the latest stable and tested release of the extension, or download a (probably) unstable and untested nightly build of the extension. For a usage guide on how to use MATSim extensions in general, see the corresponding section in the User documentation. For the usage of a specific extension, please check the extension's documentation.

Please note that these extensions are usually maintained and provided by single members of the community. The MATSim core development team cannot make any guarantee that these extensions will be kept up-to-date and compatible with future releases, but the maintainers themselves are responsible for this task.

Availability: main distribution
Extension Maintainer Description
analysis MATSim Team Provides the basic analysis components such as leg histogram charts.
counts Andreas Horni Creating automatic comparisons between simulated and counted volumes
facilities MATSim Team Container to further specify activity locations, particularly comfortable for opening hours
households MATSim Team Container to specify household attributes such as household income
jaxb Dominik Grether This package contains only classes automatically generated by the java api for xml binding jaxb.
lanes Dominik Grether This package contains classes to add lanes to links. A link may contain one or more lanes
matrices Marcel Rieser, Michael Balmer This package provides matrices to be used as OD matrices for example.
pt Marcel Rieser Simulation of public transport
run Marcel Rieser This package contains classes that can directly be started from the command line and that do something useful.
signalsystems Dominik Grether This package contains interfaces and classes that provide functionality to plug a signal system model in the MATSim framework.
utils MATSim Team This package provides utility classes with (hopefully) helpful methods.
vehicles MATSim Team
vis MATSim Team
visum Marcel Rieser Readers and Writers for Matrices from/to PTV Visum
withinday Christoph Dobler This package contains code which adds within day replanning features to QSim.
Availability: external
Extension Maintainer Description
bdiintegration Lin Padgham, Dhirendra Singh A package that integrates several BDI (belief-desire-intention) frameworks (such as JACK or Jadex) with several agent-based modelling frameworks (such as Repast, Simphony, and MATSim).
freightChainsFromTravelDiaries unmaintained Generate freight chains from travel diaries, specifically the German survey "KiD". Code used by Sebastian Schneider for his dissertation.
josm-plugin Nico Kühnel, Michael Zilske A plug-in for JOSM, the OpenStreetMap editor, to save OSM data in the MATSim format.
Via Senozon AG Via is a stand-alone application to visualize and analyse MATSim data.
Availability: contrib
Extension Maintainer Description
accessibility Dominik Ziemke Calculates accessibilities (logsum term) either on a grid, or for a list of starting points.
analysis Kai Nagel, Christoph Dobler
cadytsIntegration Michael Zilske, Kai Nagel Cadyts infrastructure for car and pt plan calibration based on counts. Also contains "scripts-in-java" to run cadyts with matsim.
carsharing Milos Balac This extension models car sharing in the sense of short-term rental. It has the variants "round-trip based", "one-way", and "free floating" car sharing.
common various Functionality that is needed by other contribs, but that does not really belong to any of them and also does not (yet?) belong into the main distribution.
dvrp Michal Maciejewski An extension designed to be highly general and customizable to model and simulate a wide range of dynamic vehicle routing and scheduling processes
emissions Benjamin Kickhöfer Take link enter and link exit events, get average link speed for vehicle, get stop&go and free flow section on that link, use HBEFA data base to look up emissions. Can be used for arbitrary vehicle types, after the emission characteristics are entered for these vehicle types.
evacuation Gregor Lämmel Adopts integrated approach for performing evacuation simulations
freight Michael Zilske Schedule freight vehicles to pickup and deliver goods, and try to optimize their routes.
GTFS2TransitSchedule Sergio Ordonez Simple GUI to assist in the conversion and map-matching of schedules given in GTFS format to MATSim's transit schedule format.
locationchoice Andreas Horni Location choice as MATSim choice dimension. Several different modules.
map2mapmatching Sergio Arturo Ordóñez A semi-automatic tool developed to map navigation and planning networks, allowing updating of navigation network (high-res network) main links/capacities and free speeds with those of the planning network (low-res network).
matrixbasedptrouter currently unmaintained reads a list of pt stops and constructs pt routes using the stops nearest to origin and destination. Travel times and travel distances between pt stops can be given by corresponding matrices.
matsim4urbansim currently unmaintained Allows the coupling of UrbanSim and MATSim.
minibus Andreas Neumann Modeling competing minibus operators exploring the public transport market offering their services.
multimodal Christoph Dobler An efficient approach, for modeling multimodal scenarios considering persons' biking and walking speeds to improve the teleportation estimates for these modes.
networkEditor Marcel Rieser, Daniel Ampuero The networkEditor allows the editing of networks, creating networks from OpenStreetMap data, and exporting networks to Shape files. The editor also allows to edit counts data referenced to the network.
otfvis Michael Zilske OTFVis is an open source, OpenGL-based visualizer for looking at MATSim scenarios and output.
parking Rashid A. Waraich Simulation of parking search and parking choice
pseudosimulation Pieter Fourie A pseudo-simulation engine, PSim, uses travel time information from the preceding QSim iteration to estimate how well an agent day plan might perform, allowing multiple iterations of mutation and evaluation between QSim iterations to more rapidly explore the agents' solution space, producing better performing plans in a shorter time.
roadpricing currently unmaintained This package provides functionality to simulate different road-pricing scenarios in MATSim. It provides support for different toll schemes, for example distance tolls, cordon tolls and area tolls.
socnetgen ./. Code that generates social networks according to certain predefined statistical criteria. Part of dissertation work by Johannes Illenberger. Much less "behavioral" than socnetsim by Thibaut Dubernet.
socnetsim Thibaut Dubernet Allows to represent agent coordination, for social travel and activities.
transEnergySim (Transportation Energy Simulation) Rashid A. Waraich Used to simulate a whole range of tranportation related energy scenarios including electric vehicles.
travelsummary Alexander Erath
wagonSim Michael Balmer The wagonSim contribution allows one to use MATSim's route-optimization process to find the optimal paths for rail based freight wagons on a given rail based freight infrastructure.