Mailing Lists

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Please note that this website ( is no longer maintained and is only available for looking up older information. You find up-to-date information about MATSim at

We currently offer the following mailing lists for communicating with MATSim users and developers. All the mailing lists are hosted by


Announcements to and discussions of users that do not write code, but only use configuration files. If you only download a release and modify configuration files, this is the mailing list for you and your questions.



Announcements to and discussions of users writing code with the MATSim-API (org.matsim.api.*). If you write your own code based on MATSim and try to use only classes from org.matsim.api.*, this mailing list is for you and your questions.


To send messages to one of the mailing lists, you have to subscribe to the list first. Then you can send mails to <name of mailing list> to send messages to the corresponding list.


Alternatively, you can also post your question on StackOverflow. We try to monitor StackOverflow and answer questions there as well.

Finally, there is our own Q&A. It is a bit similar to the StackOverflow approach.