Tutorial 2014 in Berlin

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MATSim Tutorial

There will be a MATSim Tutorial at TU Berlin from Monday, April 7th, to Thursday, April 10th, 2014, offered by Senozon.


Topics will include 

  • Theory

    • Introduction to agent-based traffic simulation
    • Definitions, history
    • Theory of supply and demand modelling
  • Practice

    • Configuring and running MATSim
    • Modelling demand and supply
    • Analysing output
    • Personal policy study
    • Extending MATSim using the Java programming language
    • Writing your own analysis code in the Java programming language


The course will run from 09:30 to 17:00 each day. On Tuesday, 19:00, there will be a workshop dinner.

Time Monday, Apr 7 Tuesday, Apr 8 Wednesday, Apr 9 Thursday, Apr 10
09:30:00 (T) Introduction: Transport planning models and history (T) Ongoing research and methods (T) Output and Analysis (P) Eclipse and MATSim Environment
      (P) Demand modeling  
11:00:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break  
11:15:00 (T) Simulation Methods (T) Supply and Demand (P) Demand modeling (P) Personal Extensions
      (T) pers. Assignment  
14:00:00 (P) Hands on: First MATSim run (P) Supply modeling (P) Policy Studies (P) Personal Extensions
  (P) Structures      
15:30:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break  
15:45:00 (P) Visualizations (T) Demand modeling and optimizaton (P) Policy Studies (P) Personal Extensions
  (P) Configs & Parameters (T) cost/utility/scoring function (P) Presenting and Discussions Discussions, Feedback and Farewell
19:00:00   Dinner    



The seminar will be held at Technische Universität Berlin, Severin-Gelände. The street address is

Salzufer 17-19, 10587 Berlin, Building 4.1, 5th floor.

The drawing on our web page shows the way from the bus stop "Helmholtzstr." to the building. Using this stop name, you can find your public transit route with the route planner.

The dinner ist at

Restaurant Die Schule, Kastanienallee 82, 10435 Berlin

Registration and pricing

150€ for students studying for a Diploma or BSc/MSc degree
550€ for other persons with a university affiliation
1750€ for others

All prices include 19% VAT.

The registration fee includes morning and afternoon coffee breaks, snacks, and a conference dinner.

Since we have limited capacities, we encourage all participants to register early.

Please register here through XING events.


The tutorial will be held by Dr. Michael Balmer, senozon AG.